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CT-PET-SPECT Multimodal Imager Albira

Albira PET - SPECT - CT (Biospin Bruker, Ettlingen, Germany) allows multimodal scintigraphy using radionuclides. It is highly sensitive and enables noninvasive pharmacological (pharmacodynamics, accumulation of probe in the tissue and its functional activity) and biological (blood flow, perfusion and metabolism) research. 

Technical Parameters: 

PET (3 rings):
Axial FOV: 148 mm
Transaxial FOV: 80 mm
Spatial resolution: max. 0.9 mm,
in the entire FOV 1.2 mm
Sensitivity: 12%
Variable FOV: 30 to 140 mm
Spatial resolution: 0.5 mm
Sensitivity: 1800 cps / MBq
Energy range: 30 to 400 keV
X-ray voltage: 10-50 kV
FOV: 70 x 70 mm
Detector: digital panel 2400x2400 pixels
Spatial resolution: 90 microns at 45 kV  
Quantitative 3D tomographic images of radioisotopes, bones and soft tissues.

· Pharmacokinetics
· Pharmacodynamics
· Metabolic studies
· Oncology
· Gene expression
· Toxicology
· Perfusion studies
· Cell tracking Receptor studies

Brochure for download HERE

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