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zburi 11.12.2017

Optical Imager Xtreme

The In Vivo Xtreme (Biospin Bruker, Ettlingen, Germany) in vivo optical imager combines five methods: bioluminescence, multispectral VIS-NIR fluorescence, direct measurements of radioisotopes, Cherenkov radiation, and X-ray imaging. Xtreme allows simultaneous testing up to 8 mice and 3D imaging. 

Basic Technical Parameters:   320
λ(ex) = 430 - 760 nm 
λ(em) = 535 - 830 nm
Hight speed X-ray head
back-illuminated 4MP camera
400W Xenon lamp
max field of view (FOV) 19 x 19 cm
360 ° rotating system MARS


3D optical imaging on an X-ray background

· Localization of tumors
· Tracking of transplanted cells
· Fast PET isotopes prescreening, detection of Cherenkov radiation
· Observation of nanoparticles
· Bone densitometry
· Molecular and multimodal imaging
· High throughput pharmacodynamic studies

Brochure device to download HERE

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