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 Magnetic resonance scanner with magnetic field 7 T MR Solutions) was installed in CAPI in May 2021.

The scanner is a compact instrument with a "cryogen-free" magnet dedicated for imaging of small laboratory rodents (mice and rats).

Basic technical parameters:

magnetic field 7 T
gradient system 600 mT/m
diameter of the usable measuring space 10 cm
2 transmit and 4 receive proton channels
X-nuclei channel for 19F and 31P
RF coils:
  • wholebody mouse coil (38 × 70 mm)
  • mouse head coil (20 × 18 mm)
  • wholebody rat coil (66 × 70 mm)
  • rat head coil (42 ×28 mm)

Additional equipment:

  • vital function monitoring system (breathing, ECG, temperature)
  • heated beds
  • Anesthetical inhalation unit
  • heating pad


  • Wholebody anatomy imaging, high-resolution imaging in vivo
  • Oncology - imaging, volumetry of tumors, methastasis imaging, therapy efficiency monitoring
  • Neurology - brain, spine imaging, functional imaging
  • Cardiology - static and dynamic studies
  • Molecular and multimodal imaging (possibility to combine MR imaging with other imaging modalities - PET, SPECT etc.)
  • MR spekroscopy - metabolic diseases
  • Cell imaging and tracking
  • Non-proton (e.g., 19F) imaging and spectroscopy


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