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Imaging Flow Cytometer

The image cytometer AMNIS ImageStream X MkII (AMNIS, Seattle, USA) combines high-speed multi-color flow cytometry with optical (microscopic) imaging. The device allows rapid high-throughput image analysis of cells (hundreds of thousands in one sample).

Technical Parameters:

Excitation lasers: blue (488 nm), red (642 nm), violet (405 nm), green (531 nm), nearUV (375 nm)
Multiple magnification (MultiMag) - 60x, 40x, 20x
12 imaging channels
Extended depth of field (EDF)

Acquisition rate of up to 5000 cells/s

Flow Cytometer Brochure


• Cell signaling
• Co-localization
• Cell-cell interactions
• Morphology
• Internalization
• Apoptosis
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