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ICON 1T- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

 ICON (Bruker Biospin, Ettlingen, SRN) is an MRI scanner, which utilizes a 1T permanent magnet (without a cryogenic medium). The scanner enables standard 2D and 3D imaging, diffusion weighted imaging, relaxometry, etc.

650 651 652

Basic Technical Parameters:

Field strength: 1.05 T
Magnetic gradient: 450 mT/m


mouse whole body (30 x 80 mm)
mouse head (23 x 25 mm)
rat whole body (59/50 x 90 mm)
rat head (35 x 40 mm)



Anatomical studies
Tumor biology
Neurological research
Cardiovascular research
Molecular and multimodal imaging

Bruker ICON Brochure
656 655 654 739 
Mouse HR Whole Body Scan 659 738
Rat Brain T1/T2 660 661
Rat Spleen 664 663

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