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Ultrasound and photoacoustic imager vevo lazrx (visualsonics) The device enables high frequency ultrasound in vivo examination with 30 um resolution. Photoacoustic pigments (oxygenated/ deoxygenated hemoglobin, melanin etc.) can be detected in the photoacoustic mode. The ultrasound and photoacoustic images can be corregistered. Photoacoustic examination is suitable for observation of tumour vascularisation, tissue perfussion, local hypoxia, detection of labelled probes, nanoparticles or cells. Measurements can be performed in 2D, 3D and 4D mode.


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Photoacoustic Imaging Modes

Single Wavelength PA–Mode

VevoMulti–wavelength controller for multispectral data collection

Vevo® Spectro Spectroscopic data collection

Oxy-Hemo Mode Estimation of total hemoglobin and oxygen saturation

Ultrasound Imaging Modes


4D–Mode Digital RF Mode

Nonlinear Contrast Mode

EKV™ Imaging (up to10,000 Hz)

Color (Velocity) Doppler Mode

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